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Smart (R)Evolutionary: Chicago Jan21 cohort

The Smart (R)Evolutionary course provides a space and framework for participants to explore intuitive ways to create the beneficial changes they want to see in self, community, and society.

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What's included?

  • 5 Sessions
  • 1 Coaching Call
  • 1 Personal Assessment
  • Learning Aides & Tools for each Session
  • A 90 day Personal Planning Tool

Being a Smart (R)Evolutionary 

Using the Smart (R)Evolutionary tool kit, you will learn how to develop, organize and implement an evolutionary change plan.  This plan will be customized to your personal and community needs, interest, challenges, and opportunities.  

Personal & Community Evolution

'Breathe Better' knowing you're using evidence based principles, practices, and tools to create beneficial change for self, family, friends, and community!
Meet the instructor

Dr. James L. Miles, Sr.

Dr. Miles’ primary passion is to help leaders and communities, fulfill their vision for positive, resilient, transformations that drive social coherence, cultural competency, and economic development for all.
With over 30 years of professional development, field experience, and academic preparation, Dr. Miles has successfully led a broad range of initiatives from startups to multimillion dollar operations, regional collaborations with over 2000 active stakeholders, international programs, and participatory research. These have included business intelligence and corporate performance; non-profit and church-based operations; community-centered engagement, education, economic development; public policy; triple-bottom-line business sustainability; and population health modeling.
At the core of these experiences is Dr. Miles’ keen ability to encourage and affirm personal growth, promote inclusive teamwork, embrace complexities, drive innovative solutions, and encourage participation in positive, sustainable transformations of self and community. 
Patrick Jones - Course author