Resilient Village Coherent Community™ Certification Program!

Elevate Your Impact with the HeartMath® Coherence Advantage™ Certification through the Resilient Village Coherent Community™ Certification Program!
  • Dr. James L Miles, Sr

    Master Trainer
  • Barb Hudak, RN

    Master Trainer
  • Start Date

    March 28 
  • Format

    Online Course 

What's included?

  • 🚀 Kick-off Session (2hr): Dive into the program overview and jumpstart your training journey. 
  • 💡 5 Virtual (2hr) Training Sessions: Interactive sessions led by expert facilitators to deepen your understanding.
  • 🤝 2 (60min) Customized 1:1 Mentoring Sessions: Personalized guidance to amplify your leadership potential. 
  • 🎓 2 Full - Teach Back Days: Showcase your knowledge by teaching program modules to your peers.
  • 🌱 Community Demonstration: Put your skills into action with a training session in your own community.

Earn 2 Certifications!

You will become a Certified HeartMath® Coherence Advantage™  Trainer AND a Phase-1 Resilient Village "Coherent Communities Impact Architect".. Throughout the program you will actively engage in hands-on learning experiences, ensuring you're fully prepared to make a lasting impact! Join a select cohort of visionary leaders committed to creating positive change!


Each full participant will receive:

(1) Their own Inner Balance device to enhance their personal practice and client engagement;

(2) The option to upload 3-courses, for your clients, on the Resilient Village Learning platform during the first 12 months after certification;

(3) A 1-year Collaborating Membership to the 'Pockets of Coherence innovation and research circle. 
Meet the Founder

Dr. James L Miles Sr

Dr. Miles’ primary passion is to help leaders and communities, fulfill their vision for positive, resilient, transformations that drive social, cultural, and economic development for all.
Patrick Jones - Course author