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NHS Chicago Coherent Leadership & Professional Development

"A science validated, strength-based approach to leadership and optimal performance that promotes wellbeing and sustainable results daily"

Resilient Village Leadership Training

What's Included?

  • Interactive Sessions
  • Self-Regulation Training
  • Personal Coherence Skill building
  • Resilient Team Skill Building

The Resilient Leader Within

You will be introduced to the evidence-based approach of coherent leadership. This introduction highlights the power and presence of personal, physiological resilience and it's power to promote sustainable outcomes as a leader and within a team!  

Personal Growth Opportunity

You will also learn how to apply evidenced-based, resilience and coherence, principles and practices to your personal, family, and community life. 
Meet the instructor

Dr. James L Miles Sr

Dr. Miles’ primary passion is to help leaders and communities, fulfill their vision for positive, resilient, transformations that drive social, cultural, and economic development for all.
Patrick Jones - Course author